Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Final Voyage
On Friday, May 14, 2010 the space shuttle Atlantis blasted off on its 32nd and final flight into space with a crew of six and tons of gear and supplies. The commander of this final flight is Kenneth Ham, an experienced astronaut, who along with all the men in his crew have been in space on previous flights. A huge crowd of more than 40,000 were on hand to see this near picture perfect launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida. We hope a few thousand brought their Skwoosh stadium gel seats and bleacher seats along to watch the final liftoff of Atlantis. Officials called the Atlantis launch day audience the largest ever. It’s only fitting that so many came to participate in this galactic retirement party. At Skwoosh we like all travel and travel related activities that’s why we built the Skwoosh Travel Gel cushion. Even astronauts could use the of TekPad pressure relieving gel on their flights. A Skwoosh gel cushion is perfect for space flight. It takes up no space, folds into a thin compact size and is not affected by temperature and normal altitude changes. We haven’t tested any of our Skwoosh gel cushions (like the Therapy cushion, the Motorcycle gel cushion or the EZ Swivel cushion) in space yet but we think the day is not too far away when we’ll get the chance. While the shuttle is on its way to hook up with and resupply the International Space Station we will be following its progress on the web keeping comfortable in front of our computer and sitting on a Skwoosh gel cushion.
The six orbiting space station residents will welcome the Atlantis crew sometime on Sunday morning. Shortly after their arrival Commander Ham and his crew will begin unloading food, lap top computers, other supplies and a Russian built compartment for the space station. All this “stuff” was crammed into a 20 foot long module in the space shuttle. The Atlantis crew will install the new compartment on the space station and conduct three space walks to replace batteries, hook up an antenna and replace a number of other parts on the station. Here’s another Skwoosh thought: since all Skwoosh gel cushions are so light weight that many of them float right here on earth can you imagine a Skwoosh gel cushion in space tethered to an Astronaut during a spacewalk? That’s what I call floating.
The final mission of Atlantis will last 12 days and will be followed by the last two remaining flights of the shuttle program. The final flights will be flown by Discovery and Endeavour and will bring to an end NASA’s 30 year space shuttle program. We’re truly sorry to see the end of one of man’s greatest endeavors.

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