Sunday, May 31, 2009

Canoe Racing as Extreme Sport

Those of you who consider canoeing a sport for blissed out, eco-sensitive non-athletes should check out the Texas Water Safari, a 260 mile race that meanders through some of the roughest rivers and bays in the sun-baked state. Billed as “World’s Toughest Canoe Race,” splash holes, snakes and even the occasional hallucination are hallmarks of the event. At stake are simply the coveted Texas Water Safari patch and the bragging rights that go along with it.

Skwoosh wishes not to challenge the macho nature of this aqua marathon, but the question begs itself – would it really be so bad for the racers to avail themselves of a little comfort? Our water sport cushions were designed to make any boat trip, even ones as arduous and lengthy as the Texas Water Safari, gel cushion comfortable. However we wouldn’t want to open a can of worms with our canoe cushions – they could be considered performance enhancing!

Time for Stand-up Comedian Jay Leno to Sit - with Skwoosh

Stand-up comedian Jay Leno recently retired as host of the Tonight Show, which he has officially hosted since 1992 but had been a regular substitute host since 1987. Over those years Leno has hosted luminaries from a post-Divine Brown scandal Hugh Grant to US President Barack Obama, all from behind the iconic desk formerly manned by his predecessor Johnny Carson. That’s a lot of sitting Mr. Leno!

Skwoosh, always concerned for the well-being of American icons, would like to support Leno in his semi-retirement. After years of sitting behind Carson’s desk, may we recommend some of our gel seats to ease the transition to your new desk on your prime time show? Our travel cushion, with its low profile and easy storage, would be ideal for your new desk. The travel gel seat will also perform double duty for you. Known for your penchant for classic automobiles, we suggest using the Skwoosh travel cushion when you take the Studebaker for a spin.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yoga from Mysore - Oh the Irony!

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Krishna Pattabhi Jois, yoga guru to the stars, at the age of 93. Much sought after by celebrities as diverse as Sting and Gwyneth Paltrow, Jois was considered the founder of Ashtanga yoga, an athletic and sweat-inducing form of the art.

That Mr. Jois became a yoga instructor at all is credited to happenstance. However Skwoosh, always alert to nuance, has to believe that karma had a lot to do with it. Jois, having connected with the city’s ruler, taught yoga at the Sanskrit University in Mysore. Jois settled in Mysore and that is where he died last week. Jois made Mysore the epicenter of Ashtung yoga.

Skwoosh appreciates the irony – we do have a sense of humor - as well as Jois’s accomplishment. After all, we are dedicated sports supporters who serve outdoor enthusiasts with our camping cushions and hunting seats as well as gym rats with our exercise cushion. Although our exercise seats may not be appropriate for yoga practitioners, who don’t spend that much time on their bums, they are perfect for those exercisers who walk by the yoga studio en route to their exercise bikes. Our gel seats for exercise bikes, like all Skwoosh performance cushions, are portable comfort. With all due respect to Jois - Mysore no more!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yankess vs Red Sox - Everybody Wins!

Like many other stadiums slated for demolition so that a new facility can be accommodated, New York’s Yankee Stadium is auctioning and selling all kinds of memorabilia to fans from across the country. Items include signs, brick, beer carts - even trash cans. Some of the more plentiful, and lucrative, items, however, are the stadium seats.

Yankee Stadium is selling their stadium seats for a minimum of $1,499 each. That is a rather eye popping sum when you consider the fact that they are not even branded with the team’s logo! Skwoosh, an unabashed Red Sox fan, would still like to see Yankees fans get more for their money, especially in this economy. Why not package a Yankee stadium seat with a Skwoosh stadium cushion with the team’s logo imprinted on it? That way fans can have a piece of the ballpark they loved as well as a way to show that it actually came from the aforementioned stadium. Who says that Yankee and Red Sox fans can’t work together?!

American Idol Gives the Symphony an Idea

Skwoosh, long a supporter of the fine arts, was mildly shocked to learn that certain symphonies and museums are integrating cell phones into their repertoire. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, for example, asks the audience to text message their vote, American Idol-style, for the encore. An attempt to reach a more youthful audience, it also supports efforts aimed at increasing audience participation.

We’ll leave the question of whether Hayden, Mozart et al truly intended for the audience to have any type of say in the matter to another post. However if arts institutions would like to broaden their appeal, may we suggest starting with something a little more basic – the seating. It is almost as if concert halls take the whole “suffering for your art” adage literally. Why not use our stadium seat to make the entire experience a more comfortable one? Designed for sitting on bleacher seats, our stadium cushion can nonetheless be taken upscale and would appreciate a day at the opera or symphony. Our gel cushions can even be imprinted with the organization’s logo, a great way to appeal to today’s label-obsessed youth.

Passengers' Bill of Rights - Food, Water and the Loo

Commercial airline passengers may have something to look forward to as they book travel in the coming months. Congress is considering what amounts to a passengers’ bill of rights as part of the FAA appropriations bill currently working its way through the Senate. The bill would among other things require airlines to give food, water and access to a functioning bathroom to passengers stranded on grounded planes. Also under consideration is a three hour limit on the amount of time passengers must remain on a grounded plane before being offered the option to disembark. Not surprisingly, there is tremendous resistance on the part of the airline industry to this part of the bill.

Where does Skwoosh come down on this point? On one hand, the more time our customers spend on their posteriors the more need they have for our gel cushions. Should we back any effort designed to get people off their rear ends? In this case we must! Skwoosh is, after all, in the business of comfort. It is our mission to make any leg of your trip, be it on an airplane, car, bus or motorcycle, as comfortable as possible. In fact our travel cushion was specifically designed as a buffer between you and the notoriously uncomfortable seat cushions found on commercial airplanes. And just to prove that Skwoosh doesn’t take sides, remember that we make a pilot’s cushion for the men and women at the front of the plane as well.

Technology and the Great Outdoors

Technology has made inroads into virtually every aspect of modern life including leisure, with advances in video gaming, television and computers significantly altering the way we spend our free time. Now outdoor enthusiasts can get a piece of the pie with a handheld digital field guide currently in development by the National Science Foundation.

In essence a database of leaf images, this high-tech twist on the traditional dog-eared and well-thumbed field guide allows leaf-peeping neophytes to accurately categorize their findings.

Purists may argue that a digital field guide is in fact cheating and no substitute for field experience, but Skwoosh is in the business of making people more comfortable in the great outdoors. After all, we developed both the Sportman and Camping and Hiking cushions to cater to the more adventurous of our fans. Our Sportsman hunters’ gel seat relieves the numbness that comes with sitting still for long periods of time. We also offer shooters’ pads – pressure relieving cushions that can be used as knee pads or elbow pads. Likewise, our camping and hiking cushions offer comfort, portability and pressure relief.

A digital field guide and Skwoosh outdoor cushions – essentials for outdoor enthusiasts brought to you by technology.

It's National Train Day

May 9th is the anniversary of a number of historic events, including President Woodrow Wilson’s 1914 proclamation commemorating Mother’s Day and the first flight over the North Pole in 1926. Amtrak, a company truly with its finger on the nation’s pulse, has chosen this auspicious date to celebrate their second annual National Train Day to memorialize the establishment of the first cross-country railroad.

A fitting tribute indeed when one considers that the comfort afforded by rail travel has in fact changed significantly since its inception. The china and silverware of yore having been replaced by microwaves and canned beer in the “dining car,” rail passengers today are subjected to conditions the glitterati of the day would scoff at.

Enter the Skwoosh travel cushion. Our gel seat not only relieves the pressure and numbness in the legs that plague the modern day rail passenger denied the comforts of the sleeping car, but can be folded up and stowed in a carry-on bag or briefcase.

Happy National Train Day America! At least you can celebrate in comfort.

Skwoosh is a Hockey Fan

With all our talk this week about culture and the arts, we wanted to let you know that Skwoosh can also talk sports.

Hockey goalies are a mythic lot. There is something quite out of the ordinary about someone who would willingly allow a buff, 250-pound man to shoot pucks directly at him. Of course goalie equipment today has changed significantly over the past 30 years. The increasing size of the pads, glove and mask not only offers greater protection but has actually changed the way the position is played, with goalies spending way more time on their knees than in the past.

Although Skwoosh does not make hockey pads, we can offer goalies some comfort after they leave the ice. All that time on their knees in an out of the butterfly position must wreak havoc with their backs. Enter our gel cushions. Our fitness cushion would be an apropos choice for these warrior-athletes. Although we wouldn’t recommend replacing the equipment pads with our exercise cushion, it would be a great addition to their fitness routine. Even better, our gel seat cushion will also do double duty as a travel pillow for those long plane rides to road games.

The Cinco de Mayo Custom Car Show and Fiesta

Happy Cinco de Mayo! The Cinco de Mayo holiday commemorates the 1862 defeat of Napolean III at the Battle of Puebla by a rag-tag and greatly out numbered Mexican army. Like St. Patrick’s Day, however, it is a bigger celebration in the United States than in its country of origin.

Topeka, Kansas, for example, is a hotbed of Cinco de Mayo activity. In addition to a fiesta-themed street party and dance, the Washburn University Hispanic American Leadership Organization sponsors a Cinco de Mayo Custom Car Show and Fiesta. Always one to support cultural events, Skwoosh would like to contribute. May we suggest our gel cushion car seats? Although designed for law enforcement officers, our patrol seat would be ideal for any driver who has to spend a significant amount of time in the car. With car enthusiasts from all over the country heading to Topeka, now is the time to spread the word – you CAN be comfortable on lengthy car rides with our gel cushions.

Classical Musicians - A Stand Up Group

The Australian Chamber Orchestra recently performed in New York City’s Zankel Hall. Although they garnered generally positive reviews, the concert was remarkable for the way in which it was presented. All of the musicians in the group, not just the cellists, performed standing up.

This intrepid blogger was unable to unearth any reason for performing in such a manner but of course this will not stop us from conjecturing. Our theory – musicians are given the worst seats in the house. They are forced to sit for long periods of time on hard folding chairs with no seat cushions! Back aches and numbness are part of their encore. Skwoosh, in a selfless effort to support the arts, would like to offer our assistance. Our line of gel cushions includes an exercise seat that would be ideal for musicians. Designed to relieve back aches and numbness, our exercise cushion allows musicians to focus on high art, not their lower backs.

MIT Rowers - Competitive Studying as Training

M.I.T. recently announced the dismantling of eight of its varsity sports, including competitive pistol, in response to the economic woes besetting the country. Fortunately the university’s historic and much-heralded crew team was not affected.

Why the Ivy League churns out such competitive crew teams is a matter of debate. There does not seem to be a connection between intellectualism and the sport, although the M.I.T. rowers arguably spend more time seated in the library than other college students. Perhaps it is this competitive sitting that prepares these athletes for spending hours upon hours in a shell.

We at Skwoosh have the perfect solution for Ivy League derrieres – our rowing cushion for the athletes and the stadium seat cushion for their fans. Even better, our personalized seat cushions can be emblazoned with the M.I.T. logo. School support and back support in a single cushion. Not bad for a non-Ivy Leaguer.

Volcano Boarding - Is it for ANYONE?

Nicaragua, long a go-to destination for adventure travelers and kayakers alike, is now the epicenter of the latest trend in adventure sports – volcano boarding. Volcano boarders seat themselves atop a tricked-out sheet of plywood and hurtle down the side of an active volcano.

Not being ones to turn our backs on potential customers, even those who have clearly lost their minds, we at Skwoosh asked ourselves how we could get ingratiate ourselves with the practitioners of this exciting new “sport.” Performance cushions for the volcano boards, of course! Although the volcano boarding purists out there will likely accuse the sport of selling out, those willing to quite literally risk life and limb in pursuit of their passion deserve to do so in comfort. We’ll be there on either end of the trip as well. Our travel cushions will make the lengthy plane ride to Nicaragua bearable and for those unfortunate few who do succumb to the power of the volcano, keep in mind that Skwoosh also makes wheelchair cushions.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skwoosh for Cave Sitters

Although when booking accommodations most look for the most luxurious features in their price range, there are those who have a different idea of what constitutes luxury. Take for example patrons of the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey. Far more luxurious than one would assume a hotel built into a cave would be, guests are nonetheless staying in an actual rock shelter.
Although Skwoosh hasn’t developed a gel cushion specifically for cave sitters, our camping and hiking outdoor cushions would be ideal for these hotel adventurers. The camping cushion is so lightweight and portable that you can discreetly cushion your derriere while looking like you are partaking of the true “cave experience” by sitting directly on the floor of the cave. And don’t forget our Pro Traveler travel cushion – the flight to Turkey is a long one!