Sunday, May 24, 2009

Technology and the Great Outdoors

Technology has made inroads into virtually every aspect of modern life including leisure, with advances in video gaming, television and computers significantly altering the way we spend our free time. Now outdoor enthusiasts can get a piece of the pie with a handheld digital field guide currently in development by the National Science Foundation.

In essence a database of leaf images, this high-tech twist on the traditional dog-eared and well-thumbed field guide allows leaf-peeping neophytes to accurately categorize their findings.

Purists may argue that a digital field guide is in fact cheating and no substitute for field experience, but Skwoosh is in the business of making people more comfortable in the great outdoors. After all, we developed both the Sportman and Camping and Hiking cushions to cater to the more adventurous of our fans. Our Sportsman hunters’ gel seat relieves the numbness that comes with sitting still for long periods of time. We also offer shooters’ pads – pressure relieving cushions that can be used as knee pads or elbow pads. Likewise, our camping and hiking cushions offer comfort, portability and pressure relief.

A digital field guide and Skwoosh outdoor cushions – essentials for outdoor enthusiasts brought to you by technology.

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