Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skwoosh for Cave Sitters

Although when booking accommodations most look for the most luxurious features in their price range, there are those who have a different idea of what constitutes luxury. Take for example patrons of the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey. Far more luxurious than one would assume a hotel built into a cave would be, guests are nonetheless staying in an actual rock shelter.
Although Skwoosh hasn’t developed a gel cushion specifically for cave sitters, our camping and hiking outdoor cushions would be ideal for these hotel adventurers. The camping cushion is so lightweight and portable that you can discreetly cushion your derriere while looking like you are partaking of the true “cave experience” by sitting directly on the floor of the cave. And don’t forget our Pro Traveler travel cushion – the flight to Turkey is a long one!

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