Sunday, May 24, 2009

Volcano Boarding - Is it for ANYONE?

Nicaragua, long a go-to destination for adventure travelers and kayakers alike, is now the epicenter of the latest trend in adventure sports – volcano boarding. Volcano boarders seat themselves atop a tricked-out sheet of plywood and hurtle down the side of an active volcano.

Not being ones to turn our backs on potential customers, even those who have clearly lost their minds, we at Skwoosh asked ourselves how we could get ingratiate ourselves with the practitioners of this exciting new “sport.” Performance cushions for the volcano boards, of course! Although the volcano boarding purists out there will likely accuse the sport of selling out, those willing to quite literally risk life and limb in pursuit of their passion deserve to do so in comfort. We’ll be there on either end of the trip as well. Our travel cushions will make the lengthy plane ride to Nicaragua bearable and for those unfortunate few who do succumb to the power of the volcano, keep in mind that Skwoosh also makes wheelchair cushions.

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