Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Cinco de Mayo Custom Car Show and Fiesta

Happy Cinco de Mayo! The Cinco de Mayo holiday commemorates the 1862 defeat of Napolean III at the Battle of Puebla by a rag-tag and greatly out numbered Mexican army. Like St. Patrick’s Day, however, it is a bigger celebration in the United States than in its country of origin.

Topeka, Kansas, for example, is a hotbed of Cinco de Mayo activity. In addition to a fiesta-themed street party and dance, the Washburn University Hispanic American Leadership Organization sponsors a Cinco de Mayo Custom Car Show and Fiesta. Always one to support cultural events, Skwoosh would like to contribute. May we suggest our gel cushion car seats? Although designed for law enforcement officers, our patrol seat would be ideal for any driver who has to spend a significant amount of time in the car. With car enthusiasts from all over the country heading to Topeka, now is the time to spread the word – you CAN be comfortable on lengthy car rides with our gel cushions.

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