Monday, March 29, 2010


If you’ve read past blogs you are aware that at Skwoosh we love baseball – Red Sox baseball. As we sit in the stands, ever so comfy on our Stadium gel seats and our Bleacher seats, we have time to contemplate baseball stats and how they happen to come about. Are they accurate? Are they fair? Batting averages are objective. The player is up, he hits, he walks or gets out. It’s simple arithmetic. Two times at bat, one hit- batting average is 500. How about the choosing the MVP or Golden Glove winner – that’s purely subjective. Sort of like airline seats are comfortable –Ha! Ha! Try a Skwoosh Travel cushion. Well New York Yankees and Derek Jeter fans watch out.

This could be the year that baseball-stat freaks finally crack the “Derek Jeter enigma.” A panel of coaches has awarded the New York Yankees’ shortstop four of the past six Gold Glove awards for fielding excellence. That drives statisticians nuts, because nearly every statistical model ranks Jeter’s defense below average. The Skwoosh Office gel cushion is in line for best performing, most comfortable office seat cushion ever and we got there without ESPN or sports talk radio or a panel of coaches. In any case, we all know that evaluating fielding is baseball’s hardest math. There are just too many unknowns in a play. How much ground did Jeter cover? How fast was the ball moving? In essence: How unlikely was it that he’d catch the ball? Key word here is UNLIKELY. Just like it’s unlikely that you’ll get blisters on your bottom if you use a Skwoosh kayak gel seat when you paddle.

This off-season, the broadcast-tech company, Sportvision, will install a new player-tracking camera system into ballparks that could finally help produce accurate defensive statistics. Sportvision’s FieldFX camera system records the action while object-recognition software identifies each fielder and runner, as well as the ball. After a play, the system spits out data for every movement: the trajectory of the ball, how far the fielder ran, and so on. “After an amazing catch by an outfielder, we can compare his speed and route to the ball with our database and show the TV audience that this player performed so well that 80 percent of the league couldn’t have made that catch.” That information will allow a much more quantitative measure of exactly what is an error. The tech could transform how teams scout players and dole out contracts, and it will provide more in-depth analysis during broadcasts.

How many hours can you sit in a cramped airline seat without a Skwoosh gel Travel cushion before you become violent? But it’s the stat junkies who are really salivating for the data. “We can pick out systematically who’s good and bad, but there’s still guesswork with our models,” says Wharton School statistician Shane Jensen. “We’ll certainly be able to settle who the best shortstop is”. And then there’s the new Cuban kid in the Red Sox farm system, Jose Iglesias, who’s just itching to have the tech stuff compare him to Jeter.

This high tech stuff is all done with lights, mirrors and computers – stuff you don’t need to tell you who has the best lightweight, most comfortable kayak seat or kayak fishing seat in the league - Skwoosh does.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Skwoosh makes a “big splash” in the Everglades

Eclipsed by the Oscars and spring training, the ‘DUNKING” of Megan Hoolihan, an 18 year old senior at Golden Gate High School and the 2009 - 2010 Swamp Buggy Queen, almost went unnoticed. Megan was officially dunked on Sunday, March 7, at the Swamp Buggy Spring Championship which was held at the Florida Sports Park in East Naples Florida. Never heard of a Swamp Buggy let alone the Swamp Buggy Races? I wonder why.
Here’s a little history:
It all started with farming, fishing, hunting, and hunting buggies. During the development of Collier County (encompassing a major part of the Everglades in S.W. Florida) strange looking vehicles featuring huge balloon tires, gun racks, and sporting catchy names like “Dirt Dobber” or Tumblebug” began to emerge. There were no developed roads so the only way to penetrate the vast boggy mire of the Everglades was the “Swamp Buggy”. Back then, before Skwoosh gel cushions, kayak seats or waterproof kayak fishing seat backs, the Everglades was a perfect place for kayak fishing, camping and hiking. Swamp Buggies were built primarily as vehicles for hunting but soon they were being used for everything from Sunday afternoon outings to hunting expeditions in the Everglades. Prior to the opening of the hunting season many of the “Crackers” would gather and spend a week preparing their Buggies for the “season” by camouflaging, stocking up with fuel, food and ammunition. They waterproofed their Buggies and layed in at least a one week supply of their favorite home brewed beverage. After all, they were going into the murky Florida swamps for a week or two of gators, snakes and panthers. Now just imagine the comfort these harty South West Floridians could have experienced if they had a waterproof gel Therapy cushion to help support their backs and improve their swamp driving posture. They wouldn't have needed their home brewed buverage to kill their pain.
The first races started around 1943, featuring a dozen or so local hunters racing only for the pride of finishing ahead of their neighbors. By the late forties, 30 to 40 would-be racers would gather the week before hunting season to race for valued prizes, usually a new shotgun donated by local merchants.
On November 12, 1949, with a field of almost 50 competitors, these awkward, determined vehicles motored their way into history.
As the popularity of the sport grew, so did the rewards. Cash prizes began to replace the turkeys and shotguns of the past. With purses of several thousand dollars, the incentives to go faster grew. Buggies were now being constructed for racing only. The newer designs were too fast and too loud to be used for hunting and an engraved trophy replaced the at-a-boys and the trophy deer. It was during this era that several important traditions were born. The most popular and colorful, is the legendary "Swamp Buggy Queen's Annual Mud bath!" The Swamp Buggy Queen Pageant is held every April, and a Queen is chosen. The "Dunking" tradition began in 1957 when race winner H.W. McCurry, in a state of exuberant celebration, grabbed the Queen, gown, fancy hair-do and all and dunked her in the deepest and muckiest part of the "Mile 'O Mud" oval race track. This grimy, slimy, hilarious tradition lives on today and is the final act of every race weekend. Let’s say the weekend closes with a great big “mud splash”.
Now you ask “how could the Oscar’s and Spring training eclipse a major activity like the Spring Championship Swamp Buggy Races”? We don’t know the answer to that question but we are pondering the strategy Skwoosh will use to promote our swamp kayak paddling gel seat. How does “travel to the Swamp Buggy Races on a Skwoosh gel travel cushion” sound? Do you think we might be able to offer the 2010 Swamp Buggy Office gel Cushion? If Skwoosh is successful in winning a grant for the construction of bleacher and stadium seats for the Swamp Buggy Races we could see sales of Bleacher gel seats and Stadium gel seats skyrocket. Come to think of it, Skwoosh can be dunked all day long. Each and every Skwoosh gel cushion is WATERPROOF and unaffected by “mud dunking”, you know.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


And the winner is – you guessed it - Skwoosh

Mo’Nique, Sandra, Jeff, Christopher and what about Kathryn Bigelow and “The Hurt Locker”? They won, made their thank you speeches and we’re off to see what next year brings. Then there’s Meryl Streep. The cynic might say “couldn’t give Meryl another one, she’s won too many already so let’s go with Sandra” (Skwoosh loved the blond hair by the way). Or maybe the same cynical mind might have said “time to go PC and reward Bigelow”. But alas-nominations for best gel cushions are: Travel gel cushion, Office gel cushion, Motorcycle gel pad, Kayak gel seat, Custom Fishing gel seat, the gel Bleacher seat and the newest, sensational Therapy gel cushion-- the Doctor recommended therapeutic gel cushion from Skwoosh. Well let’s get off of the self promotion and back to the Oscars. The winners are all great. They are talented, beautiful, and beautifully talented. What’s better and more fitting than to be named the best by one’s peers or equals? Congratulations again. So let’s get back to Skwoosh and why Skwoosh didn’t win an Oscar? It’s obvious-Skwoosh has no peers or equals. Who is there to vote? Skwoosh gel cushions have no equal in weight – it is the lightest gel cushion out there. Who has better design? Skwoosh is designed for each specific use – no one else can claim that. Who is the only gel cushion that is truly maintenance free and waterproof (thanks to sensational materials and Hi Frequency welding (no stitching you know)? Who is made in the USA using the best materials? Yes the winner is----SKWOOSH.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


An Exciting, Exploding, Kayak Seat Market-Maybe!!!

Ever heard of Skyaking? If you happened to be watching the Today show on MSNBC this morning you would have caught a great segment on Skyaking. The man who introduced this new sport is a fellow named Miles Daisher from Twin Falls, Idaho. He sounded like and looks like a sane guy. He is married and has a little daredevil offspring. Skyaking is a combination of sky diving and Kayaking, explained Miles. Almost like Yakfishing only a heck of a lot more thrilling. In Skyaking, the paddler is strapped into his kayak, in this case a high performance, high impact plastic kayak called a whitewater creek boat or just plain creek boat. Most owners of the Skwoosh Kayak gel seat are familiar with this short, stubby, lepricon shaped kayak into which a fearsome paddler squeezes him or herself. One of the differences between creek boaters and traditional kayakers is the fact that the creek boater has to be as one with his boat and therefore wedges himself into the cockpit. Creek boat paddlers often line the inside of their snug cockpit with foam in order to fill the empty places between themselves and their boat. They are literally wedged into the boat. Of course, Skwoosh makes a very high performance kayak gel seat, appropriately named the XTREME, that is very popular among creek boaters around the world. Yes XTREME. The Skwoosh Xtreme performance paddling seat is designed to be very thin, with light weight gel to help protect a creek boater’s bottom and now, a skyaker’s bottom. Once entrapped in the creek boat, thetraditional paddler usually heads for type 5 rapids, traverses the fiery white water and climaxes with a few feet of free fall over a mild to mildly raging water fall. Well if you think traditional creek boating is exciting, look into the newest thriller, Skyaking. Here’s how modern day kayakers push the boundaries of the sport. The yaker loads his favorite creek boat, swaps his paddles for a super performance Skwoosh XTREME gel cushion and boards a light plane. Once the plane reaches altitude (a lot higher than your average waterfall), the Skyaker, strapped into his boat, parachute attached, pushes his boat and himself out of the plane and begins a free fall. It takes a few seconds for the sky paddler to stabilize his boat by letting the air catch the flat bottom of the kayak. Once stabilized, the Skyaker uses his outstretched arms as “wingerons” (wings and ailerons) and proceeds to enjoy the exhilaration and freedom of free fall. The total time of this orgasmic flight depends not only on weight and altitude but on balance and the skill of catching air. Now comes phase two of this adventure. Yes you guessed it – the landing. As terra firma rushes toward the skyaker, he deploys his main chute (he always carries a back up) and out pops a Ram Air Canopy parachute. The Ram Air Canopy chute is a more rectangular shaped chute, designed to help make pin point landings. The fun or the flight isn’t over yet. The skyaker must still find a body of water on which to land his airborne creek boat and use wind power to power him to shore. This is where the cushioning effect of Skwoosh’s TekPad gel could come into play. TekPad gel is known to help cushion the sudden impact by padding the Skyaker’s “stitz” bones. When asked if he ever missed a landing point Miles answered “yes”. When asked what happens if he misses water and lands on dry land he said “it’s a little more of a sudden stop but the boats can handle it with no problem”. If asked about Skwoosh, he would have undoubtedly commented on its light weight, design, premium materials, construction, and waterproof construction. No kidding, Miles really would have said all that.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Skwoosh ode to spring

We haven’t yet seen the birds, cherry blossoms or tulips but we know spring is really here. How do we know of spring’s arrival without the aforementioned natural confirmations? OK I won’t tell you that we know that spring is here because Skwoosh introduced its brand new, Doctor recommended, Therapy gel cushion. Of course not, but it’s not a bad concept if we could only make the Skwoosh – spring connection. Spring is here because the all American sport says spring is here. Here’s a Skwoosh ode to spring:
Battered, Bruised, Bunted Boston Boys,
Battle, Big, Bad, Boston Brothers,
But, Better Being Broiled By BoSox …
in sunny Ft. Myers, Florida than batting in the cold and spitting snow still hitting Bean town.
You guessed it – Spring Training is here and the BoSox got some opening game therapy (not the Skwoosh Therapy gel cushion therapy). The Boston Red Sox had double therapeutic wins over Boston College (6-1) and Northeastern University (15-0). And what about the strong debut of Boof Bonser who is recovering from shoulder surgery? He threw a scoreless inning on his first outing. The hearty Boston bleacher fans were ecstatic at the spring arrival of the BoSox and the comfort they experienced sitting in bleacher seats on their comfortable stadium gel seats and Skwoosh bleacher seat cushions. Skwoosh is told that many, many fans flew to Ft. Myers just for the opener. They took great care to use a travel cushion for a comfortable flight. It’s even rumored that some of the fans used their Skwoosh Office gel cushion or the Skwoosh therapy gel cushion for comfort on their flight south for the spring training games.
Spring training games in sunny Ft Myers Florida are the greatest. Twenty bucks for a seat (just like the Skwoosh stadium gel seat), seven bucks to park (only three minutes away) and all the players sign autographs for the kids. Peanuts, cracker jacks, hot dogs and all those made in USA Skwoosh therapy gel cushions, swivel cushions, motorcycle gel pads and bleacher seat cushions. Isn’t America great?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Cybercrime and Gel Cushions

When you’re the best, especially the best in the world, hackers will try to break through your firewalls to get at your secret code. The hackers want to know all your secrets – they want to know how you make TekPad® gel. Why is it so light weight? Why is it the only true pressure relieving gel to be used in Skwoosh cushions? Why are Skwoosh Kayak Seats waterproof and why do they float? Why are all Skwoosh gel cushions made in the USA and why is Skwoosh the only gel cushion manufacturer to use hi tech radio frequency welding to build all the Skwoosh gel cushions they make. We are now reading about the armies of Cyber hackers supported by the People’s Republic of Hacking. The newspapers say that some of the biggest cyber security worries can be traced back to Wuhan, China, located somewhere in the center of China. That’s the place that gave us the Panda virus. What appeared to be a friendly email message really was a deadly virus that spread from computer to computer around the world. The friendly looking Panda was able to steal passwords, financial information, cash balances and tried in vain to steal top secret gel cushion secrets from Skwoosh. As word of outstanding performance, light weight, super gel cushion comfort spread around the world it attracted the attention of cyber hackers like fish to live bait. Fishermen in Thailand gave up their tradition net fishing and switched to kayak fishing. Ice fishermen in Siberia clamored for the Pro Angler kayak fishing seat in an effort to gain more comfort, support and warmth while fishing on the cold Siberian ice. Word is the owner of the only Kayak outfitter and Dragon Boat shop, located on the giant manmade lake in Dubai, paid $6 million dollars to have a Chinese Cyber hacker break into the Skwoosh web site to steal the secrets of the Angler II kayak fishing seat and the Classic kayak gel paddling cushion.
I know this all a little (or a lot) farfetched as far as Skwoosh goes, but it is a real problem for the cyber world. It appears that cooks hacking into a computer because they can do It, has elevated to Governments using hacking as a new and ferocious weapon in the world community.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Topless Tobogganing - a Viewer’s Sport

In our ongoing campaign of shameless self promotion and out of a sincere interest in bringing less important news briefs to our ever expanding worldwide cadre of lovers of light weight performance gel cushions, Skwoosh found an interesting article about topless (and jockey shorts only) sledging. Skwoosh was given a heads up about this topless tobogganing tournament, which took place in Braunlage, Germany, by our friend Ernest Weiss, a fully garbed skier and author of the best seller “OUT of VIENNA”. It seems that more than 14,000 spectators, some carrying Skwoosh gel travel cushions others with gel office cushions and some with kayak gel seats, cheered 30 male and female topless competitors as they bounced and sledged along the 100 meter track. The ladies, competing for cash prizes of nearly 300 pounds each, were required only to wear a hard helmet and footwear. Given the direction of the Euro, Skwoosh will try to convince the organizers to give the winners Skwoosh gel bleacher seats, gel stadium seats and even a few famous Skwoosh fishing seats as prizes in next year’s races. Christian Schmidt, 26, won the event, while one 70-year-old man got the biggest round of applause for stripping down to his long johns. Because it was so very cold during the race one fan was heard to complain that “the women had a bit of an advantage in the photo finish”. Rumor around the topless circuit is that “enhanced sledging” is soon to be introduced to the world as a new Olympic sport. Topless sledging fans will be cautioned to hang on to their Skwoosh as they jostle to get a “better view” of this event.