Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Cybercrime and Gel Cushions

When you’re the best, especially the best in the world, hackers will try to break through your firewalls to get at your secret code. The hackers want to know all your secrets – they want to know how you make TekPad® gel. Why is it so light weight? Why is it the only true pressure relieving gel to be used in Skwoosh cushions? Why are Skwoosh Kayak Seats waterproof and why do they float? Why are all Skwoosh gel cushions made in the USA and why is Skwoosh the only gel cushion manufacturer to use hi tech radio frequency welding to build all the Skwoosh gel cushions they make. We are now reading about the armies of Cyber hackers supported by the People’s Republic of Hacking. The newspapers say that some of the biggest cyber security worries can be traced back to Wuhan, China, located somewhere in the center of China. That’s the place that gave us the Panda virus. What appeared to be a friendly email message really was a deadly virus that spread from computer to computer around the world. The friendly looking Panda was able to steal passwords, financial information, cash balances and tried in vain to steal top secret gel cushion secrets from Skwoosh. As word of outstanding performance, light weight, super gel cushion comfort spread around the world it attracted the attention of cyber hackers like fish to live bait. Fishermen in Thailand gave up their tradition net fishing and switched to kayak fishing. Ice fishermen in Siberia clamored for the Pro Angler kayak fishing seat in an effort to gain more comfort, support and warmth while fishing on the cold Siberian ice. Word is the owner of the only Kayak outfitter and Dragon Boat shop, located on the giant manmade lake in Dubai, paid $6 million dollars to have a Chinese Cyber hacker break into the Skwoosh web site to steal the secrets of the Angler II kayak fishing seat and the Classic kayak gel paddling cushion.
I know this all a little (or a lot) farfetched as far as Skwoosh goes, but it is a real problem for the cyber world. It appears that cooks hacking into a computer because they can do It, has elevated to Governments using hacking as a new and ferocious weapon in the world community.

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