Monday, March 1, 2010


Topless Tobogganing - a Viewer’s Sport

In our ongoing campaign of shameless self promotion and out of a sincere interest in bringing less important news briefs to our ever expanding worldwide cadre of lovers of light weight performance gel cushions, Skwoosh found an interesting article about topless (and jockey shorts only) sledging. Skwoosh was given a heads up about this topless tobogganing tournament, which took place in Braunlage, Germany, by our friend Ernest Weiss, a fully garbed skier and author of the best seller “OUT of VIENNA”. It seems that more than 14,000 spectators, some carrying Skwoosh gel travel cushions others with gel office cushions and some with kayak gel seats, cheered 30 male and female topless competitors as they bounced and sledged along the 100 meter track. The ladies, competing for cash prizes of nearly 300 pounds each, were required only to wear a hard helmet and footwear. Given the direction of the Euro, Skwoosh will try to convince the organizers to give the winners Skwoosh gel bleacher seats, gel stadium seats and even a few famous Skwoosh fishing seats as prizes in next year’s races. Christian Schmidt, 26, won the event, while one 70-year-old man got the biggest round of applause for stripping down to his long johns. Because it was so very cold during the race one fan was heard to complain that “the women had a bit of an advantage in the photo finish”. Rumor around the topless circuit is that “enhanced sledging” is soon to be introduced to the world as a new Olympic sport. Topless sledging fans will be cautioned to hang on to their Skwoosh as they jostle to get a “better view” of this event.

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