Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Skwoosh ode to spring

We haven’t yet seen the birds, cherry blossoms or tulips but we know spring is really here. How do we know of spring’s arrival without the aforementioned natural confirmations? OK I won’t tell you that we know that spring is here because Skwoosh introduced its brand new, Doctor recommended, Therapy gel cushion. Of course not, but it’s not a bad concept if we could only make the Skwoosh – spring connection. Spring is here because the all American sport says spring is here. Here’s a Skwoosh ode to spring:
Battered, Bruised, Bunted Boston Boys,
Battle, Big, Bad, Boston Brothers,
But, Better Being Broiled By BoSox …
in sunny Ft. Myers, Florida than batting in the cold and spitting snow still hitting Bean town.
You guessed it – Spring Training is here and the BoSox got some opening game therapy (not the Skwoosh Therapy gel cushion therapy). The Boston Red Sox had double therapeutic wins over Boston College (6-1) and Northeastern University (15-0). And what about the strong debut of Boof Bonser who is recovering from shoulder surgery? He threw a scoreless inning on his first outing. The hearty Boston bleacher fans were ecstatic at the spring arrival of the BoSox and the comfort they experienced sitting in bleacher seats on their comfortable stadium gel seats and Skwoosh bleacher seat cushions. Skwoosh is told that many, many fans flew to Ft. Myers just for the opener. They took great care to use a travel cushion for a comfortable flight. It’s even rumored that some of the fans used their Skwoosh Office gel cushion or the Skwoosh therapy gel cushion for comfort on their flight south for the spring training games.
Spring training games in sunny Ft Myers Florida are the greatest. Twenty bucks for a seat (just like the Skwoosh stadium gel seat), seven bucks to park (only three minutes away) and all the players sign autographs for the kids. Peanuts, cracker jacks, hot dogs and all those made in USA Skwoosh therapy gel cushions, swivel cushions, motorcycle gel pads and bleacher seat cushions. Isn’t America great?

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