Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey you guys under 40 learn something from your experienced elders and get yourself a New Year’s gift of a gel cushion to increase your outdoor performance and comfort.  We all know that the world population just hit the record high of 7 Billion souls but have you looked around and noticed what’s happening right here in the good “OLD” USA? That heretofore long shot age threshold of “nine o (yes 90) is the 2011 version of the 1990’s version of 72.  According to a recent AP article nearly 2 million of us are now 90 plus.  That’s three times as many super seniors as there were just 30 years ago. Now this is great news for the supers but it’s not without its downside.  Supers are more likely to live in poverty, and to have disabilities more than those who are merely elderly. Here at Skwoosh we recognize the “graying” of our population. Skwoosh is out to make pre-baby boomers, baby boomers and all those that follow more comfortable in their personal activity pursuits or “PAP”.  We tailor our gel products to all these PAP folks with the mission of advancing their years of participation in their chosen activities from paddling a kayak, traveling or watching a grandkid’s hockey game from the bleachers. Who cares if the longevity statistics are the result of better nutrition or advances in medicine?  We at SKWOOSH are looking to provide comfort to the almost 8 million over ninety folks who will be with us by mid-century.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Skwoosh Office Gel Cushion

We're not talking about sitting on a Skwoosh Gel Office Cushion in front of the TV, we're talking about Paul Cunningham's "Handsome Dan" handmade designer football.

Like most macho wan-a-bees, Paul had a hard time grasping "The Duke", as the classic NFL football is called.  As most of us know, the Duke is huge, rock like, intimidating and impossible for most non Tim Tebow folks to throw.  Cunningham designed and built Handsome Dan to fit his hand.  He uses soft boot leather so it's easy to grip and making it a ball that’s easy to throw. He builds his football in Glen Rock, NJ using a simple design, rawhide laces and very little print on the outside. Handsome Dan is a huge success, as the ball of choice, for rich guys who pay the cost of ten Skwoosh bleacher gel seats, $120.00 for it. 
Skwoosh Stadium Gel Seat
Cunningham has tried his hand at designer baseballs, rugby balls and peach colored basketballs but it’s footballs that put his company, Leather HeadSports, on the radar of style blogs and menswear magazines. For Paul Cunningham football is no longer a passing game.

Monday, December 12, 2011



From a WSJ article by Lucas Y. Tomlinson
Last Saturday was the 112th Army Navy football game.  This is the 11th straight year that team members from both sides know they are preparing for military service in time of war. Some of these gridiron warriors turned down college scholarships and cushy, elevated campus status for the hell of being a “plebe”, enduring “beast barracks” and physically demanding, grueling basic training. Hell, football practice must feel like a vacation to these cadets. Skwoosh wasn’t around selling bleacher seats in 1890 when Navy won that first game on the parade field at West Pont.   This gridiron rivalry has had its ups and downs (no pun intended). It was even abolished under President Grove Cleveland in 1894, probably because the vendor selling Skwoosh motorcyclegel seats didn’t show up. The game resumed in 1899 and was played until America’s entry into the First World War. The war effort needed officers quickly, so both academies shortened their academic programs to three years by eliminating extra curricula activities and sports. The game resumed in 1930 and has continued ever since.  In the 113 contests, Navy has won 56 games, Army 49 and there have been 7 ties. As much as we celebrate the games and past heroes like, Joe Bellino, Doc Blanchard, Glenn Davis and Roger Staubach – we should recognize the courage and toughness of those in uniform in the stands.  All the participants, players and many of the spectators might be showing their toughness, focus and determination on fields with unusual names like Fallujah, Helmand and Ramadi.  The real winner of the 27 to 21 contest is America – our team is the best.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Curious about Curiosity – Exploring Mars

Curiosity is really the Christmas gift of the year for America’s scientists.

NASA will launch a new 7-foot-tall, 2000 pound rover to look for habitable environments on Mars.  The rover will land in Gale Crater, where it's believed water existed more than 3 billion years ago.  Now how in the world is SKWOOSH going to weave its products into this amazing scientific undertaking and adventure? There’s no pilot aboard so no need for a gel Pilot’s seat.  They’re looking for signs of water so no need for a gel fishing seat and all the spectators are on earth so who needs a gel bleacher seat or travel cushion.  With ten remote controlled instruments on board, Curiosity will survey its surroundings, take detailed pictures and analyze samples of rocks, soil and atmosphere.  Curiosity will land on Mars in August, spend a full Martian year there (98 weeks) and transmit tons of data back to earth.  What an achievement. Here are a few facts about Curiosity:

It has six 20 inch cleated wheels, each independently steers so the rover can turn 360 degrees in place. It will roll over 25 inch high objects.

It's nuclear battery powers it's instruments, allows it to travel about 660 feet per day and keeps Curiosity warm during the cold Martian nights.

The laser cameras vaporize rocks to identify chemical elements they contain.

Two camera systems study the landscape, track weather conditions and aid in driving operations.

At the end of the rovers robotic arm is a turret that can dust off rock surfaces and collect and sort samples.  There is a camera for close-up photos and a spectrometer to determine the different elements in the samples.

Now I ask you, how can water sports enthusiasts complain about complicated rigging systems for fishing kayaks?