Monday, December 19, 2011


Skwoosh Office Gel Cushion

We're not talking about sitting on a Skwoosh Gel Office Cushion in front of the TV, we're talking about Paul Cunningham's "Handsome Dan" handmade designer football.

Like most macho wan-a-bees, Paul had a hard time grasping "The Duke", as the classic NFL football is called.  As most of us know, the Duke is huge, rock like, intimidating and impossible for most non Tim Tebow folks to throw.  Cunningham designed and built Handsome Dan to fit his hand.  He uses soft boot leather so it's easy to grip and making it a ball that’s easy to throw. He builds his football in Glen Rock, NJ using a simple design, rawhide laces and very little print on the outside. Handsome Dan is a huge success, as the ball of choice, for rich guys who pay the cost of ten Skwoosh bleacher gel seats, $120.00 for it. 
Skwoosh Stadium Gel Seat
Cunningham has tried his hand at designer baseballs, rugby balls and peach colored basketballs but it’s footballs that put his company, Leather HeadSports, on the radar of style blogs and menswear magazines. For Paul Cunningham football is no longer a passing game.

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