Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey you guys under 40 learn something from your experienced elders and get yourself a New Year’s gift of a gel cushion to increase your outdoor performance and comfort.  We all know that the world population just hit the record high of 7 Billion souls but have you looked around and noticed what’s happening right here in the good “OLD” USA? That heretofore long shot age threshold of “nine o (yes 90) is the 2011 version of the 1990’s version of 72.  According to a recent AP article nearly 2 million of us are now 90 plus.  That’s three times as many super seniors as there were just 30 years ago. Now this is great news for the supers but it’s not without its downside.  Supers are more likely to live in poverty, and to have disabilities more than those who are merely elderly. Here at Skwoosh we recognize the “graying” of our population. Skwoosh is out to make pre-baby boomers, baby boomers and all those that follow more comfortable in their personal activity pursuits or “PAP”.  We tailor our gel products to all these PAP folks with the mission of advancing their years of participation in their chosen activities from paddling a kayak, traveling or watching a grandkid’s hockey game from the bleachers. Who cares if the longevity statistics are the result of better nutrition or advances in medicine?  We at SKWOOSH are looking to provide comfort to the almost 8 million over ninety folks who will be with us by mid-century.

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