Saturday, February 27, 2010


THE NO STORY - STORY Team Canada’s victory celebration

18 year old Marie-Philip Poulin, who scored the winning goals in Team Canada’s 2-0 win over the USA women, was one of the celebrants sprawled all over the ice in celebration of that victory – cheers to you Marie-Philip. As the world now knows, Marie and 13 other rowdy carousers of Team Canada returned to the ice after receiving their gold medals and let loose in celebration. These triumphant woman let their hair down, smoked cigars, drank beer and guzzled Champaign. A hasty apology was given and the lineup of officials began. Bottom line, if these victorious women had just remained in their locker room, perched atop their Skwoosh Office Gel Cushions, they could have consumed gallons of Coors, Budweiser and Millers (they did beat the USA), smoke their Cubans and showered in Champagne. There would not have been a story or an apology. The world would not have noticed. Instead, Team Canada returned to the ice, sat, sprawled and celebrated. Could these Canadian hockey stars be seeking gel cushion comfort as well as a cool venue for celebration? How many of these ice athletes use a gel travel cushion or even a Skwoosh gel Kayak seat in their off the ice hours or as part of their other celebrations. Skwoosh knows that hundreds of hockey fans use gel bleacher seats and gel stadium seats to add to their comfort. Well the woman won, they celebrated, they will participate proudly in the closing ceremonies and eventually they will pop a gel travel cushion under their “sitz” bones and return to their homes across Canada. Skwoosh will remember their defense, their shots on goal, their speed and playmaking. Unfortunately too many will only remember their on the ice “cool” victory celebration. Some might say “check for those dreaded celebration steroids”, you know, that combination of celebration enhancing libations, beer, champagne and cigars. How will the IOCC test for this? Team Canada you played your hearts out and won the gold. Congratulations and keep on celebrating.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The fairness and sportsmanship of Skwoosh wins a gold.

Did the Austrian Super G course setter “Vonn-proof” the downhill course in Vancouver?
Rumor out there is that Super G course setter, Austrian coach Juergen Kriechbaum, “Vonn-proofed” the downhill course. Shades of Augusta where the givers of the green jackets lengthened the course in an effort to keep the Tiger (Woods) from repeating or bettering his 18 under 1997 performance. No one will ever know but the course was set in such a way as to limit a powerful, super fast, downhill skier like Lindsey Vonn. At Skwoosh we are all about fairness so we will rename our Swivel Therapy gel cushion the Lindsey Vonn Super G and we’ll be happy to endorse Lindsey whenever gel cushion comfort is needed – especially after winning a bronze.
We also stand ready to endorse Apolo Anton Ohno. Apolo’s great balance and the comfort gel power of Skwoosh might have pushed him from bronze to gold in the men’s 1,000 – meter short event if the pushy Koreans were out fishing instead of skating.
How about Team USA, men’s hockey vs. Team Canada – what a game. Goalie Ryan Miller had a “Time” of his life moment. He won even after removing the “Miller Time” slogan from his mask. What a game, one of the best ever enjoyed by Skwoosh Olympic junkies sitting comfortably in the stands on their gel bleacher seats. The house was packed and we wished that every seat was covered with a gel stadium seat or a gel bleacher seat as the fans watched one of the toughest, fastest, most competitive games of the 2010 winter Olympics. Team USA took the lead and kept it for all three periods. Their power play defense was superb and their Miller time goalie was the best.
Go Skwoosh – Go USA

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Self promotion in Figure Skating

What a great Olympics this has been. The Canadian management has had the horrible Luge disaster, no snow, opening ceremony malfunctions and not enough Canadian Gold. We have had a Japanese figure skater on the Russian team and a group of angry Korean speed skating judges trying to get even for the 2006 Olympics. Here at Skwoosh we are at wits end trying to find a way to self promote our light weight performance gel cushions in a witty, tactful, but not too obvious way, for use in the sport of figure skating. We have gone inside and outside the men’s costumes with no success. How do you fit a gel travel cushion to the bottom of a male figure skaters costume? For sure the compact size of the travel cushion looks like it will fit many of the Olympic skaters. In fact we theorize that placing the gel travel cushion or even our gel stadium bleacher seat cushion inside the costume may serve to “gel cushion” a skater's fall. But would the damage done to the aesthetics of that skin tight costume be worth it? We won’t even try to get into the thinking process that went with the discussion of “ what if” the woman skater from China tucked a Skwoosh……… In every case, the propriety of using a gel travel cushion or gel stadium bleacher seat to cushion a skaters costume won and Skwoosh will be sticking to Travel, Gel Therapy, Swivel and Stadium Bleacher Seating for the foreseeable future.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Curds or Skwoosh either whey.....

When Lindsey Vonn was injured, Feb. 2, during training in Austria, she did as some Austrian skiers do: She wrapped topfen cheese curd on her right shin to ease swelling.
"I've never heard of it," said Zack Schafer, manager of Cheese Traders & Wine Sellers in South Burlington — Vermont ski country.
Rachel Riggs, who owns the cheese and wine shop Quel Fromage in Bellingham, Wash., just this side of the Canadian border and 45 minutes from Mount Baker, was similarly challenged.
"Is that a home remedy, or is that an old wives’ tale, or what is it? She basically tried to leave no curd unturned," Riggs said. "
In the dairy lands of Wisconsin, food chemist John Lucey said Austrian topfen does indeed come from cows but is virtually unheard of his way. It's a white, semisoft cheese but doesn't have chunky bits like cottage cheese. It's fresh, high in acid and low in fat with a grainy texture somewhere between mayonnaise and spreadable cream cheese.
Vonn's not the first athlete to reach for unusual treatments for help with an injury: Serbian soccer player Danko Lazovic reportedly had placenta juice rubbed into a bad hamstring by a Belgrade housewife with a reputation for speeding up recovery. His experience led Dutch player Robin Van Persie to the housewife's door after an ankle injury. Now there you go. Is there a connection between soccer and riding a motorcycle? If there is, we know that many motorcycle cruisers find great relief and comfort by simply placing a Skwoosh motorcycle gel pad between them and the seat of their bike. Skwoosh users ride for many extra hours without numbness in their legs and butt and no lower back discomfort or pain. So who needs placenta juice when gel cushions are a lot neater and easier to use.
There are devotees to oil from the fat of emu for a multitude of ailments, including a rub for pain, swelling and aching muscles and joints, just as the Aborigines of Australia have done for thousands of years, according to "The ancient people of Australia have long known what the western World is just beginning to realize in the last decade or so." It’s even rumored that the infamous jumper “THE EAGLE”, of Olympics past, always used his EZ Swivel therapy gel cushion to relieve stress and pressure by relaxing in comfort in his automobile or while sitting at his computer refining his jump strategy.
Olympic athletes are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to finding alternative methods for either enhancing their performance or their healing that’s why the Skwoosh Kayak Paddling Gel Seat and the Xtreme Kayak seat have been so popular with kayak paddlers – but CHEESE – I’m afraid not. Any athlete who wants to enhance their performance by adding comfort without weight has only one real choice – the world leader in lightweight performance gel cushions, SKWOOSH.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Could a Skwoosh Gel Travel cushion have helped?

Film director Kevin Smith (“Clerks,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”) was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight on Saturday because he was too overweight to fit in one seat. In its statement Southwest said that Mr. Smith originally bought two seats for a flight from Oakland, Calif., to Burbank — “as he’s been known to do when traveling on Southwest” — but went standby on an earlier flight, where only a single seat was available. The pilots decided that Mr. Smith needed more than one seat. Mr. Smith said he was “ejected” and put on a later flight. Mr. Smith denied the airline’s statement that he regularly purchases two seats. Mr. Smith said, “I’m way fat, but I’m not there just yet.” Southwest said that its policy had existed for more than 25 years, and that the pilots were simply adhering to it. The airline apologized to Mr. Smith and gave him a $100 voucher.
“Making airline seats more comfortable is our business” shouted Skwoosh. We’re in the gel cushion business to provide travel comfort on airlines, trains, buses and automobiles. Single seats on an airplane are uncomfortable enough, can you imagine how double the discomfort must feel when air travel rules (and the laws of physics) require that you occupy two seats. From our biased selfish perspective Skwoosh loves it. Mr. Smith should take the Southwest Airlines $100.00 voucher and trade it for two (2) Skwoosh Travel Gel Cushions ($60.00) and two (2) Gel Stadium Seats ($40.00) and double his travel comfort, enjoy his double airline seats and as a bonus, get to choose his own colors. Heck a travel cushion for each side and a double wide seat belt sounds better than a Big Mack Happy Meal, large fries, a chocolate shake and a crispy apple pie.

Monday, February 15, 2010


How a Skwoosh gel cushion “might” have changed the course of history.

To school kids all over the USA President’s Day means vacation – no school. To auto dealers and car shoppers it rings sales and full page ads in the newspapers. At Skwoosh we think about honest Abe and George W (Washington not Bush). How did these old timers cope with uncomfortable travel in a horse drawn coach or better yet in an open boat across an almost frozen Delaware in the middle of the winter?
Imagine how the lives of great American leaders would have fared if world famous SKWOOSH light weight performance gel cushions were around the Original 13 and Washington DC during those early days of American politics. By golly, if President Abe Lincoln had a super comfortable EZ Swivel Gel Cushion or a Travel cushion under him on the way to Gettysburg his famous address would have been at least three hours longer. If George Washington had the Voyager Gel Kayak seat or the new Custom gel Kayak Fishing seat (also by Skwoosh) attached to his boat, that trip across the Potomac would have been much more comfortable and the war could have ended a lot sooner. Come to think of it, if old Ben Franklin, not a President just one of the original lobbyists, had a Skwoosh gel Office cushion to sit on every time he wrote one of his flowery letters he probably would have sat the war out in France . The gel office cushion is so darn comfortable old Ben simply would have forgotten to come home.
You know we’re just kidding and everyone at Skwoosh has President’s day off – with full pay. So let’s honor all our Presidents, past and present, by grabbing an EZ swivel gel cushion, throwing it in the car and driving out to visit our Presidents way up there on Mt. Rushmore.


A special gift from Cupid

We all know Saint Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day) is an annual holiday held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. The holiday is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards ("valentines"). Modern Valentine's Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid shooting arrows of love into the hearts of lovers. Wow!! What has all this got to do with Skwoosh? In another desperate act of shameless self promotion Skwoosh has added fishing, specifically Kayak fishing, to Cupids repertoire. Kayak fishing you say, now that's an outdoor sport worthy of clebrating on Valentine’s Day?
Well, Cupid passed on the love bug along with comfort in the form of the Skwoosh Custom Gel Fishing seat by firing his arrow at Lovers everywhere who are avid, dedicated Kayak Fishermen. With three quivers set to hold 3 fishing rods or 2 rods and a net, pockets for jaw and hook pliers and an “O” ring to tie other gear to so it won't float away. It’s the perfect valentine’s day gift for everyone who has the Skwoosh Travel cushion, a Gel Motorcycle cushion and of course the ever ubiquitous Bleacher Buddies stadium cushions. This brand new addition will keep Cupid hovering over your fisherman or lover all year long.


SKWOOSH was in the stands—Did it Help?

Only Dale Earnhardt with 34 wins and Bobby Allison with 16 lead Stewart in the Daytona win column. Of course there’s the fabled Cale Yarorouh who has 15 as well but who’s counting.

Kevin Harvick knew his race cars were good enough to get either he or Tony Stewart into Victory Lane. Once Dale Earnhardt Jr. was out of contention, their path was wide open. Stewart held off Carl Edwards, Harvick and Justin Allgaier to win the Nationwide Series opener at Daytona International Speedway for the fifth time in six years.

We all know the driver is important and the pit crew and the car but WOW!!! What about all those stadium gel seats in the stands. Skwoosh had Stewart covered from every angle. Comfortable seating in Daytona, great comfort on the road with the EZ SWIVEL in his truck and don’t forget the plane trip down from the super cold, snowy north. The flight from everywhere to Daytona was a breeze and in comfort with the Travel and Pro Traveler gel cushion.

OK Tony, just ride on a Skwoosh EZ Swivel Gel cushion for the rest of the season and you’ll be in great shape for next years Daytona.