Friday, February 19, 2010


Curds or Skwoosh either whey.....

When Lindsey Vonn was injured, Feb. 2, during training in Austria, she did as some Austrian skiers do: She wrapped topfen cheese curd on her right shin to ease swelling.
"I've never heard of it," said Zack Schafer, manager of Cheese Traders & Wine Sellers in South Burlington — Vermont ski country.
Rachel Riggs, who owns the cheese and wine shop Quel Fromage in Bellingham, Wash., just this side of the Canadian border and 45 minutes from Mount Baker, was similarly challenged.
"Is that a home remedy, or is that an old wives’ tale, or what is it? She basically tried to leave no curd unturned," Riggs said. "
In the dairy lands of Wisconsin, food chemist John Lucey said Austrian topfen does indeed come from cows but is virtually unheard of his way. It's a white, semisoft cheese but doesn't have chunky bits like cottage cheese. It's fresh, high in acid and low in fat with a grainy texture somewhere between mayonnaise and spreadable cream cheese.
Vonn's not the first athlete to reach for unusual treatments for help with an injury: Serbian soccer player Danko Lazovic reportedly had placenta juice rubbed into a bad hamstring by a Belgrade housewife with a reputation for speeding up recovery. His experience led Dutch player Robin Van Persie to the housewife's door after an ankle injury. Now there you go. Is there a connection between soccer and riding a motorcycle? If there is, we know that many motorcycle cruisers find great relief and comfort by simply placing a Skwoosh motorcycle gel pad between them and the seat of their bike. Skwoosh users ride for many extra hours without numbness in their legs and butt and no lower back discomfort or pain. So who needs placenta juice when gel cushions are a lot neater and easier to use.
There are devotees to oil from the fat of emu for a multitude of ailments, including a rub for pain, swelling and aching muscles and joints, just as the Aborigines of Australia have done for thousands of years, according to "The ancient people of Australia have long known what the western World is just beginning to realize in the last decade or so." It’s even rumored that the infamous jumper “THE EAGLE”, of Olympics past, always used his EZ Swivel therapy gel cushion to relieve stress and pressure by relaxing in comfort in his automobile or while sitting at his computer refining his jump strategy.
Olympic athletes are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to finding alternative methods for either enhancing their performance or their healing that’s why the Skwoosh Kayak Paddling Gel Seat and the Xtreme Kayak seat have been so popular with kayak paddlers – but CHEESE – I’m afraid not. Any athlete who wants to enhance their performance by adding comfort without weight has only one real choice – the world leader in lightweight performance gel cushions, SKWOOSH.

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