Saturday, February 27, 2010


THE NO STORY - STORY Team Canada’s victory celebration

18 year old Marie-Philip Poulin, who scored the winning goals in Team Canada’s 2-0 win over the USA women, was one of the celebrants sprawled all over the ice in celebration of that victory – cheers to you Marie-Philip. As the world now knows, Marie and 13 other rowdy carousers of Team Canada returned to the ice after receiving their gold medals and let loose in celebration. These triumphant woman let their hair down, smoked cigars, drank beer and guzzled Champaign. A hasty apology was given and the lineup of officials began. Bottom line, if these victorious women had just remained in their locker room, perched atop their Skwoosh Office Gel Cushions, they could have consumed gallons of Coors, Budweiser and Millers (they did beat the USA), smoke their Cubans and showered in Champagne. There would not have been a story or an apology. The world would not have noticed. Instead, Team Canada returned to the ice, sat, sprawled and celebrated. Could these Canadian hockey stars be seeking gel cushion comfort as well as a cool venue for celebration? How many of these ice athletes use a gel travel cushion or even a Skwoosh gel Kayak seat in their off the ice hours or as part of their other celebrations. Skwoosh knows that hundreds of hockey fans use gel bleacher seats and gel stadium seats to add to their comfort. Well the woman won, they celebrated, they will participate proudly in the closing ceremonies and eventually they will pop a gel travel cushion under their “sitz” bones and return to their homes across Canada. Skwoosh will remember their defense, their shots on goal, their speed and playmaking. Unfortunately too many will only remember their on the ice “cool” victory celebration. Some might say “check for those dreaded celebration steroids”, you know, that combination of celebration enhancing libations, beer, champagne and cigars. How will the IOCC test for this? Team Canada you played your hearts out and won the gold. Congratulations and keep on celebrating.

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