Thursday, February 25, 2010


The fairness and sportsmanship of Skwoosh wins a gold.

Did the Austrian Super G course setter “Vonn-proof” the downhill course in Vancouver?
Rumor out there is that Super G course setter, Austrian coach Juergen Kriechbaum, “Vonn-proofed” the downhill course. Shades of Augusta where the givers of the green jackets lengthened the course in an effort to keep the Tiger (Woods) from repeating or bettering his 18 under 1997 performance. No one will ever know but the course was set in such a way as to limit a powerful, super fast, downhill skier like Lindsey Vonn. At Skwoosh we are all about fairness so we will rename our Swivel Therapy gel cushion the Lindsey Vonn Super G and we’ll be happy to endorse Lindsey whenever gel cushion comfort is needed – especially after winning a bronze.
We also stand ready to endorse Apolo Anton Ohno. Apolo’s great balance and the comfort gel power of Skwoosh might have pushed him from bronze to gold in the men’s 1,000 – meter short event if the pushy Koreans were out fishing instead of skating.
How about Team USA, men’s hockey vs. Team Canada – what a game. Goalie Ryan Miller had a “Time” of his life moment. He won even after removing the “Miller Time” slogan from his mask. What a game, one of the best ever enjoyed by Skwoosh Olympic junkies sitting comfortably in the stands on their gel bleacher seats. The house was packed and we wished that every seat was covered with a gel stadium seat or a gel bleacher seat as the fans watched one of the toughest, fastest, most competitive games of the 2010 winter Olympics. Team USA took the lead and kept it for all three periods. Their power play defense was superb and their Miller time goalie was the best.
Go Skwoosh – Go USA

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