Monday, February 15, 2010


How a Skwoosh gel cushion “might” have changed the course of history.

To school kids all over the USA President’s Day means vacation – no school. To auto dealers and car shoppers it rings sales and full page ads in the newspapers. At Skwoosh we think about honest Abe and George W (Washington not Bush). How did these old timers cope with uncomfortable travel in a horse drawn coach or better yet in an open boat across an almost frozen Delaware in the middle of the winter?
Imagine how the lives of great American leaders would have fared if world famous SKWOOSH light weight performance gel cushions were around the Original 13 and Washington DC during those early days of American politics. By golly, if President Abe Lincoln had a super comfortable EZ Swivel Gel Cushion or a Travel cushion under him on the way to Gettysburg his famous address would have been at least three hours longer. If George Washington had the Voyager Gel Kayak seat or the new Custom gel Kayak Fishing seat (also by Skwoosh) attached to his boat, that trip across the Potomac would have been much more comfortable and the war could have ended a lot sooner. Come to think of it, if old Ben Franklin, not a President just one of the original lobbyists, had a Skwoosh gel Office cushion to sit on every time he wrote one of his flowery letters he probably would have sat the war out in France . The gel office cushion is so darn comfortable old Ben simply would have forgotten to come home.
You know we’re just kidding and everyone at Skwoosh has President’s day off – with full pay. So let’s honor all our Presidents, past and present, by grabbing an EZ swivel gel cushion, throwing it in the car and driving out to visit our Presidents way up there on Mt. Rushmore.

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