Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We’re sitting here in center court bleachers watching a great high school basketball game.  Of course we are among those who are the most comfortable because of our portable Bleacher Gel Seats from Skwoosh.

We just saw a magnificent drive and layup performed by an average sized Chinese American kid whose present goal in life is to attain the fame of the great Yao Ming.  Remember him, the 7 foot, 6-inch Chinese basketball player who performed for the Houston Rockets for nine NBA seasons
Well Ming is back in his native Shanghai pitching his own California winery, aptly named Yao Family Wines. A risky venture for the Chinese market which is still (no pun intended) in its infancy. Priced at 1,775 yuan (US$289) a bottle, Mr. Yao is capitalizing on his fame throughout China and is hoping to ride the 240% rise, from 2008-2010, in imported bottled wine.
Who knows, some of us will soon be sitting on our Skwoosh Travel cushions at the Great Wall sipping California wine and nibbling on Wisconsin cheddar.  What a wonderful world we live in.

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