Thursday, January 26, 2012


Are you ready for the Year of the Dragon? February is almost here. And the Dragon - the fabulous beast that is the most powerful sign in the Chinese zodiac is almost upon us.

At Skwoosh we celebrate the dragon with our popular AGP Dragon Boat Gel pad. It’s certified by the IDBF - the International Dragon Boat Federation. If you can’t get on the water but you happen to live in or near San Francisco you can really share and celebrate the Year of the Dragon in this city steeped in rich tradition of Chinese culture.

On February 11 there will be a parade featuring floats, bands, dance teams and other performances. You can pay $30.00 and get a hard bleacher seat. However, to enjoy the parade in comfort go to and order a Skwoosh gel bleacher seat.  It's lightweight, compact, easy to carry and usually ships within 24 hours.

The San Francisco Symphony will present a Chinese New Year Community Concert. The Chinatown YMCA will hold its 34th annual Chinese New Year 10K Run.  You can watch Chinese acrobats, traditional lion and folk dancing and take a self guided Zodiac tour leading to animals found on the Chinese calendar, all at the San Francisco zoo. Stay fit, use your Skwoosh fitness gel pad and celebrate The Year of the Dragon. Happy New Year- again.

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