Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year Resolutions and Other Promises

This is the time of year when gym haters resolve to go to the gym and when ice cream lovers swear never to enjoy that sweet, creamy, lusciously delicious treat.  We resolve to fit into our high school jeans, to paddle our kayaks more, to travel and to keep our motorcycles and bikes cleaner, shinier and operating like Swiss watches. 

At Skwoosh, we resolve to help make your resolutions easier to keep. Hate the gym, get a gel fitness pad.

Resolving to do longer and more adventurous kayaking, be sure to add the classic paddling cushion to your boat. Looking to reduce your waist size by more intense rowing, reduce “sitz” bone pressure with a Master AGP row pad.

If comfortable travel is in your 2012 plan you need the Skwoosh Travel gel cushion.
For all you cold weather parents resolving to attend more of junior’s ice cold hockey games, be sure to get the Skwoosh bleacher gel seat –  it will keep your bum comfy and warmer while you cheer the little pewee leaguer on.  Whatever your resolutions - you can count on Skwoosh to provide additional comfort and performance, if not the direct support, that you need.  Happy New Year.

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