Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This place has to be on every outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list – Pico Bonito National Park.  Never heard of it? Either had I but I read an article in the WSJ that makes this a place I’d love to play and paddle in.

The 265,000 acre Pico Bonito is one of the most biodiverse places on earth.  It encompasses a variety of microclimates, from tropical lowlands to cloud forests. A 20 minute ride from La Ceiba on Honduras’s northern coast, it remains relatively undiscovered. One of the crown jewels of Pico Bonito is the Rio Congeal, which runs from high in the Cordillers Nombre de Dios Mountains to the Caribbean Sea. Rio Congeal is one of the world’s great white water experiences. 

What a place to sell Skwoosh Paddle gel cushions, Kayak fishing seats and Extreme gel pads. Skwoosh kayak seats are designed for just the high performance paddling needed to make it through the Rio Cangrejal’s  20 boulder clogged miles of different rapids, from Class II to Class V. In the dry season the river is lower and rafting and kayaking is limited to the lower and middle sections of the river. 

When it rains the Congrejal changes drastically as a single downpour can drop as much as 10 inches of rain causing a 30 foot rise in water levels. After a rise in level like this the river can toss around even the biggest boulders, making the local guides claim that each trip during high water is a completely different experience.

So, pack up your favorite paddles, PFD, helmet and Skwoosh gel paddling cushion and ride the Rio Cangrejal.  Remember - for comfort, convenience and performance always travel with a Skwoosh gel cushion

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