Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RIO WITHOUT A GPS - Beginners Beware

Tom Jobim, the great Brazilian composer said, “Brazil is not for beginners”.  What he could have said is,”Rio de Janeiro is not for beginners”.
Freya Hoffmeister
Stroll along the beach in Ipanema or Copacabana with their posh high rise apartments, chick neighborhood restaurants etc., turn right and WOW!!!  You’re in a lush tropical forest.  If you made a left turn you might just as well find yourself in a rabbit warren of corrugated iron houses, precariously hanging on a rocky outcropping of stone – a “favela” or Brazilian slum. Such is Rio and such is a hopping, dynamic Brazil.  Navigating Rio is like navigating the coast of Brazil with Freya Hoffmeister (Skwoosh is a proud sponsor). One wrong turn and you find yourself off course where you can either gain a day of super adventure or find yourself with a lost day after an exhausting paddle to nowhere.

SKWOOSH Pro Traveler
Navigating Rio is a difficult chore during normal (?) times but imagine what it’s like during Carnival when the streets are gigantic block parties where one needs more than a GPS to navigate through this quagmire of frolic. Carnival in Brazil is not a sedentary sport so SKWOOSH gel bleacher seats are not a requirement. If excitement, natural and human beauty, and 24 hour partying is your thing, grab a SKWOOSH Pro Traveler gel seat, hop a plane from Miami, sip a caipirinha cocktail and and get down to Rio - beginners beware.

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