Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Skwoosh makes a “big splash” in the Everglades - again. 
In March 2010 we talked about ‘DUNKING” Swamp Buggy Queen. The tradition lives on when Troy Ortega, this past year’s winner, jumped into the muddy water carrying this year’s Queen, Jennifer Federico in his arms. Officially titled the “Swamp Buggy Queen's Annual Mud bath" it  takes place after the races at Florida Sports Park in Naples.
Back in the days before Skwoosh gel cushions, kayak seats or waterproof kayak fishing seats, the Everglades was a perfect place for kayak fishing, camping and hunting.  The waterproof Swamp Buggies were built primarily as vehicles for hunting in the murky Florida swamps tracking gators, snakes and panthers.  Just imagine the comfort and the improved swamp driving posture these hardy South West Floridians could have experienced if they had received a waterproof gel Therapy cushion as a gift before starting out.  No need for home brewed beverage to kill their pain.  Today the Swamp Buggy is a strange looking vehicle featuring huge balloon tires, gun racks, and sporting catchy names like “Dirt Dobber” or Tumblebug”.  After all, what better gift for a swamp hunter in the Everglades when the only way to penetrate the vast boggy mire is the “Swamp Buggy. The first races started around 1943, featuring a dozen or so local hunters racing only for the pride of finishing ahead of their neighbors.  
The "Dunking" tradition began in 1957 when the race winner grabbed the Queen, gown, fancy hair-do and all and dunked her in the deepest and muckiest part of the "Mile 'O Mud" race track.  This grimy, slimy, hilarious tradition lives on today and is the final act of every race weekend. Let’s say the weekend closes with a great big “mud splash”.

At Skwoosh we want to join the races by building a “swamp kayak gel seat”.  Or how does “travel to the Swamp Buggy Races on a Skwoosh gel travel cushion” sound?   Come to think of it, Skwoosh waterproof gel cushions are unaffected by “mud dunking “and can be
dunked all day long.

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