Sunday, March 14, 2010


And the winner is – you guessed it - Skwoosh

Mo’Nique, Sandra, Jeff, Christopher and what about Kathryn Bigelow and “The Hurt Locker”? They won, made their thank you speeches and we’re off to see what next year brings. Then there’s Meryl Streep. The cynic might say “couldn’t give Meryl another one, she’s won too many already so let’s go with Sandra” (Skwoosh loved the blond hair by the way). Or maybe the same cynical mind might have said “time to go PC and reward Bigelow”. But alas-nominations for best gel cushions are: Travel gel cushion, Office gel cushion, Motorcycle gel pad, Kayak gel seat, Custom Fishing gel seat, the gel Bleacher seat and the newest, sensational Therapy gel cushion-- the Doctor recommended therapeutic gel cushion from Skwoosh. Well let’s get off of the self promotion and back to the Oscars. The winners are all great. They are talented, beautiful, and beautifully talented. What’s better and more fitting than to be named the best by one’s peers or equals? Congratulations again. So let’s get back to Skwoosh and why Skwoosh didn’t win an Oscar? It’s obvious-Skwoosh has no peers or equals. Who is there to vote? Skwoosh gel cushions have no equal in weight – it is the lightest gel cushion out there. Who has better design? Skwoosh is designed for each specific use – no one else can claim that. Who is the only gel cushion that is truly maintenance free and waterproof (thanks to sensational materials and Hi Frequency welding (no stitching you know)? Who is made in the USA using the best materials? Yes the winner is----SKWOOSH.

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