Sunday, May 24, 2009

Classical Musicians - A Stand Up Group

The Australian Chamber Orchestra recently performed in New York City’s Zankel Hall. Although they garnered generally positive reviews, the concert was remarkable for the way in which it was presented. All of the musicians in the group, not just the cellists, performed standing up.

This intrepid blogger was unable to unearth any reason for performing in such a manner but of course this will not stop us from conjecturing. Our theory – musicians are given the worst seats in the house. They are forced to sit for long periods of time on hard folding chairs with no seat cushions! Back aches and numbness are part of their encore. Skwoosh, in a selfless effort to support the arts, would like to offer our assistance. Our line of gel cushions includes an exercise seat that would be ideal for musicians. Designed to relieve back aches and numbness, our exercise cushion allows musicians to focus on high art, not their lower backs.

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