Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time for Stand-up Comedian Jay Leno to Sit - with Skwoosh

Stand-up comedian Jay Leno recently retired as host of the Tonight Show, which he has officially hosted since 1992 but had been a regular substitute host since 1987. Over those years Leno has hosted luminaries from a post-Divine Brown scandal Hugh Grant to US President Barack Obama, all from behind the iconic desk formerly manned by his predecessor Johnny Carson. That’s a lot of sitting Mr. Leno!

Skwoosh, always concerned for the well-being of American icons, would like to support Leno in his semi-retirement. After years of sitting behind Carson’s desk, may we recommend some of our gel seats to ease the transition to your new desk on your prime time show? Our travel cushion, with its low profile and easy storage, would be ideal for your new desk. The travel gel seat will also perform double duty for you. Known for your penchant for classic automobiles, we suggest using the Skwoosh travel cushion when you take the Studebaker for a spin.

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