Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yankess vs Red Sox - Everybody Wins!

Like many other stadiums slated for demolition so that a new facility can be accommodated, New York’s Yankee Stadium is auctioning and selling all kinds of memorabilia to fans from across the country. Items include signs, brick, beer carts - even trash cans. Some of the more plentiful, and lucrative, items, however, are the stadium seats.

Yankee Stadium is selling their stadium seats for a minimum of $1,499 each. That is a rather eye popping sum when you consider the fact that they are not even branded with the team’s logo! Skwoosh, an unabashed Red Sox fan, would still like to see Yankees fans get more for their money, especially in this economy. Why not package a Yankee stadium seat with a Skwoosh stadium cushion with the team’s logo imprinted on it? That way fans can have a piece of the ballpark they loved as well as a way to show that it actually came from the aforementioned stadium. Who says that Yankee and Red Sox fans can’t work together?!

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