Sunday, May 24, 2009

Skwoosh is a Hockey Fan

With all our talk this week about culture and the arts, we wanted to let you know that Skwoosh can also talk sports.

Hockey goalies are a mythic lot. There is something quite out of the ordinary about someone who would willingly allow a buff, 250-pound man to shoot pucks directly at him. Of course goalie equipment today has changed significantly over the past 30 years. The increasing size of the pads, glove and mask not only offers greater protection but has actually changed the way the position is played, with goalies spending way more time on their knees than in the past.

Although Skwoosh does not make hockey pads, we can offer goalies some comfort after they leave the ice. All that time on their knees in an out of the butterfly position must wreak havoc with their backs. Enter our gel cushions. Our fitness cushion would be an apropos choice for these warrior-athletes. Although we wouldn’t recommend replacing the equipment pads with our exercise cushion, it would be a great addition to their fitness routine. Even better, our gel seat cushion will also do double duty as a travel pillow for those long plane rides to road games.

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