Sunday, May 24, 2009

MIT Rowers - Competitive Studying as Training

M.I.T. recently announced the dismantling of eight of its varsity sports, including competitive pistol, in response to the economic woes besetting the country. Fortunately the university’s historic and much-heralded crew team was not affected.

Why the Ivy League churns out such competitive crew teams is a matter of debate. There does not seem to be a connection between intellectualism and the sport, although the M.I.T. rowers arguably spend more time seated in the library than other college students. Perhaps it is this competitive sitting that prepares these athletes for spending hours upon hours in a shell.

We at Skwoosh have the perfect solution for Ivy League derrieres – our rowing cushion for the athletes and the stadium seat cushion for their fans. Even better, our personalized seat cushions can be emblazoned with the M.I.T. logo. School support and back support in a single cushion. Not bad for a non-Ivy Leaguer.

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