Sunday, May 24, 2009

Passengers' Bill of Rights - Food, Water and the Loo

Commercial airline passengers may have something to look forward to as they book travel in the coming months. Congress is considering what amounts to a passengers’ bill of rights as part of the FAA appropriations bill currently working its way through the Senate. The bill would among other things require airlines to give food, water and access to a functioning bathroom to passengers stranded on grounded planes. Also under consideration is a three hour limit on the amount of time passengers must remain on a grounded plane before being offered the option to disembark. Not surprisingly, there is tremendous resistance on the part of the airline industry to this part of the bill.

Where does Skwoosh come down on this point? On one hand, the more time our customers spend on their posteriors the more need they have for our gel cushions. Should we back any effort designed to get people off their rear ends? In this case we must! Skwoosh is, after all, in the business of comfort. It is our mission to make any leg of your trip, be it on an airplane, car, bus or motorcycle, as comfortable as possible. In fact our travel cushion was specifically designed as a buffer between you and the notoriously uncomfortable seat cushions found on commercial airplanes. And just to prove that Skwoosh doesn’t take sides, remember that we make a pilot’s cushion for the men and women at the front of the plane as well.

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