Friday, July 9, 2010


Here's the Skwoosh conundrum.
After receiving numerous testimonials, like the one below, we are still concerned about over selling our pressure relief cushions in any medical or health cure environment. Our experience has shown that we are contacted by customers who are obviously searching for a "miracle" cure and are hoping to find the same in a Skwoosh cushion. We know that our gel really offers relief but certainly not in all cases. How do we capitalize on the effectiveness of TekPad without misleading or over promising that effectiveness to our customers? How do we communicate that Skwoosh generally works but may not be the answer to every customer's ailment or condition?
Then we have the case of the person who orders a Skwoosh and because of the cushions size, weight and thickness (our gel technology allows us to make Skwoosh thin so it does not look or feel like a thick foam pillow cushion) they return it immediately without giving it a fair evaluation. We understand that we can't please or solve everyone's problems but we know that we must continually search for the most efficient and effective way to communicate the virtues of Skwoosh to our potential customers.
Any ideas or comments?

Testimonial received and edited to hide the sender.

"Dear Skwoosh,

I want to thank you for rushing my order, (Order #1445). I received the Pro Traveler Seat Cushion yesterday. I tried it out at my computer and I would never had expected the results that I experienced.
I broke my hip on Sept. 1999. It healed and I thought I had no physical problems that related back to that. I spend many hours in front of my computer as I am a webmaster. Getting up from my chair my legs are stiff and they are not as flexible as they used to be. I thought I was getting osteoarthritis. Since I prefer to go the natural holistic approach to healing, I have taken nutritional supplements to help, to no avail.
After being by my computer for around an hour, sitting on my new skwoosh cushion I got up. I was shocked that I didn't have any stiffness and my walking was easy and smooth. Next I tried it when watching TV. Again I had the same result getting off my couch I discovered that my legs were flexible and not stiff.
As I told you, I am attending a convention in Sacramento California July 9-11, I leave on Thursday. My neighbor who is watching my dog, told me she will be ordering a cushion for herself as soon as I come back.
I am so impressed and grateful. I have added two links to your site and became an 'affiliate'.
Thank you for your kindness and assuring me that the cushion would come in time. Most of all thank you for helping me to get back my health.

Take care,"

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