Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Even MORE Shameless Self Promotion - This Time it's Coke's Turn

Skwoosh has met its match.

When Skwoosh started the shameless blog of self promotion, we thought that we would remain on top for quite some time. Looks like Coke has beat us at our own game.

John F. Brock III, Coca-Cola's chief executive, recently delivered the commncement address at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Rather than address the hopes, fears and aspirations of the graduating class, Brock used the occasion to shill his signature product. The CEO referred to "a product like Coca-Cola that invites you to 'open happiness'" (Coke's new tag line), mentioned that "Coca-Cola operates in more corners of the world than any other enterprise," and declared that "Our business has chosen the idea of 'happiness' as the best way to connect our brand with billions of people in more than 200 countries." Skwoosh's personal favorite - "It's been said that after the word 'hello,' Coca-Cola is the most recognized word in the world."

Wow. We are humbled.

But we're fighting back. In the spirit of shameless self promotion, please see the next paragraph:

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