Friday, November 18, 2011

A Gift for Fishermen

Fishing from a kayak and enjoying the comfort and convenience of a Skwoosh gel kayak fishing seat isn’t anything like the adventures depicted on the TV show “Deadliest Catch”.  But it does validate ones deep interest in fishing, fishing safety and the place in man’s existence for both commercial and sport fishing.

Kayak fishing is a sport while commercial fishing, especially crabbing, is at the top of the US list of deadliest jobs, with a fatality rate 33 times above the average for US workers.  Contributing to these grim statistics was the old regulation which forced fishermen to race the clock to catch enough to pay expenses and make a profit before they had to stop once the entire fleet's limit was reached.  In the effort to control overfishing, an arbitrary fleet limit was set for each catch.  When the limit was reached all fishermen working that catch had to stop or face heavy fines.  This caused the great fishing race, often with disregard to safety by the contestants.  Thankfully today fishing is done under the catch shares system which divides up how many fish the fleet can catch among individual fishermen and not collectively.  The catch shares system is safer for the fishermen because it allows them to fish comfortably at their own pace during longer seasons. 

Next time you are lounging in your kayak fishing gel seat, or enjoying your own catch or purchase from your local seafood store, give a little thought to the tough men who work their heavy equipment in 20 foot seas in icy conditions.  So this holiday season give a gift of comfort and performance – give Skwoosh - the perfect gift for all sport fishermen.

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